Link Shorteners - What is it for?

Have you noticed how long the URL adress can be? Sometimes we copy and paste it thoughtlessly on social media websites on Twitter or in SMS. It is enough, however, that somewhere we will break the address, and the recipient will not be able to open the right page that we want to show him. With long URLs it is difficult to control it.

Why do we need it?

Long URLs have been considered annoying for a long time. It is difficult to copy, paste or otherwise send it to friends. Already in 2002 was created the first URL Shortener website. This website was called TinyURL and is the prototype of all Link Shorteners. It was enough to paste a long URL in one window, click on the button, and then a short URL was received.

New URL Shorteners are appearing all over the world. IT specialists are constantly working on it, improving the code and algorithms. Such websites have various additional functions, which makes them attractive to some other clients, branded urls, utm code generator. A great example here is the Polish Link Shorterer - Cuttly

How it works?

The basic function of Cuttly is the same as other such websites. It's about entering a long URL and generating a tiny URL. However, the above-mentioned additional functions are very important. Cuttly allows us to track and analyze statistics related to short URLs generated by us. It is very important if we want to know how many people came to our webite thanks to the shortened URL.

The second interesting Cuttly function is the generation of QR codes. It is useful if we think that our clients (eg blog readers, people visiting a company website, etc.) use smartphones to browse the Internet. Thanks to QR codes, it is enough to scan the generated symbol from the screen or printed advertising materials, and the application in the mobile phone immediately transforms it into the address of the page that is stored in it.

Unlike some other URL Shorteners, Cuttly is a free product. By using it, we do not incur additional costs.